Friday, April 13, 2007

What did you do Friday night?

Most people with a life hit the town, right? Treb, Jordan, and I did The Loop. Got back at 9:15PM this time, but no school tomorrow, so no problem man. Riding again tomorrow morning at 8AM. Gonna grab some quick Z's between rides. Good luck to all those headed to Oxbow or Fitchford. I'm saving my racing legs for "Tuesday night worlds".

Donimator pointed me to Timmer's interview in the WISPORT booklet, and how he basically says training for more than 2 hours is a waste of time. I happen to agree with Timmer's fundamental program, and I'd agree most of us generally over-train for shorter races (which make up a majority of the MCF calendar). However, I enjoy riding, the level of conditioning gained by long miles, and the added bonus of weight control. I can't wait for Memorial Day Weekend and Tone's 105 mile RR.

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